WritingSample: Child composes a paragraph based on a picture that is presented to them.
 Reading Plus Insight Assessment 3-8: The Insight Reading Assessment provides a comprehensive look at a student’s independent reading skill level in the areas of capacity (comprehension and vocabulary) and efficiency (reading speed).
Oral Fluency: Fluent readers decode text and recognize sight words automatically. This ability is critical to comprehension because it allows the reader to focus on meaning, rather than on decoding each word. An Oral Fluency Assessment is an accurate and easy way to predict comprehension ability, determine reading fluency, and establish whether students need to be further assessed for decoding. This assessment involves taking one-minute samples of students’ oral reading of three brief grade-level passages (200-word minimum). These passages should include fiction and nonfiction.
Spelling Inventory: The Morrison-McCall Spelling Scale measures how well an individual can spell given words at increasingly higher grade levels.
  Long-Term Memory: Long-Term Memory Retrieval. Used to identify if child can recall sequences such as letters in one or more of their names, the alphabet, the days of the week, the months of the year, etc.

Mathematics Common Core Benchmark: The mathematic benchmark assessment is developed specifically from the Common Core State Standards to be an accurate predictor of standards computational and problem solving mastery. Comprehensive reporting is broken up by Common Core State Standards and will be used to determine grade level and topic placement within Tech2Learn math programs.
Big Brainz: Automaticity and fluency in math facts is critical so that students can effectively master higher level math concepts. The assessment will identify the individual facts that the student has mastered and build a sequence for learning and retaining all facts.