Screening Results: The full results of all initial testing done in April of 2015.
Secondary Benchmark Summary: Summary of secondary benchmarks taken in October of 2015.


Barton Progress Report: Update on student’s progress through the Susan Barton Program.
Spelling Inventory: The Morrison-McCall Spelling Scale measures how well an individual can spell given words at increasingly higher grade levels.


Graded Word Lists: These words lists, which are organized by grade level, measure a student’s ability to quickly and accurately recognize words out of context. The words are specifically chosen to bring out difficulties and errors experienced by students with language processing difficulties.
Long-Term Memory: Long-Term Memory Retrieval. Used to identify if child can recall sequences such as letters in one or more of their names, the alphabet, the days of the week, the months of the year, etc.
Nonsense Words: This list of phonetically regular nonsense words is a test of a student’s decoding abilities, and ability to match a sound to each symbol and blend those sounds correctly. This test also indicates which frequent phonics rules the student is familiar with, such as silent final e, open syllables, or three letter blends.
Writing Sample: The student composes a paragraph based on a picture.
   Reading Plus Insight Assessment 3-8: The Insight Reading Assessment provides a comprehensive look at a student’s independent reading skill level in the areas of capacity (comprehension and vocabulary) and efficiency (reading speed).
Oral Fluency: Fluent readers decode text and recognize sight words automatically. This ability is critical to comprehension because it allows the reader to focus on meaning, rather than on decoding each word. An Oral Fluency Assessment is an accurate and easy way to predict comprehension ability, determine reading fluency, and establish whether students need to be further assessed for decoding. This assessment involves taking one-minute samples of students’ oral reading of three brief grade-level passages (200-word minimum). These passages should include fiction and nonfiction.