sessionsTech2Learn Barton Lab

  • Begin by taking a full-length assessment and diagnostic reading and math tests to determine learning gaps.
  • Attend a parent meeting to review your child’s assessment results and individualized learning plan.
  • Schedule one on one tutoring sessions with a certified Barton tutor. 

How do I get started?

When you schedule, you will be prompted to create an account for your child and pay by credit card. If your 8th grader is already a student at Tech2Learn, you should login with the same username and password you use to schedule them for other classes.

Step 1:  Fill Dyslexia Checklist for your child

Please fill out checklist with your child’s information

Step 2:  Watch the Susan Barton Informational Video on Dyslexia

To get more information on the Susan Barton System visit her website. Videos can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Step 3:  Purchase Assessment for your child. purchase

Under the “PURCHASE HERE” Tab, select “Student Assessment” from the drop down menu. Then, choose “Reading Lab Assessment”.

Test is 2 hours long and offered on Weekdays at 11am and Fridays at 1pm. 

Step 4: Schedule a Parent meeting to review test scores. schedule→

Please allow us at least 2 days to grade your child’s assessment. This meeting is for parents only. Please bring any information on your child that will help us design the proper tutoring for him/her; i.e hand written work, journals, or homework. If your child has been previously evaluated please bring any reports you received from that.

Meeting is 1 hour long and offered most week days at 11am and Fridays at noon. 

Step 5Purchase Barton Lab Sessions. purchase

Under the “PURCHASE HERE” tab, select “Barton Lab” from the drop down menu. Then, choose “Summer Barton: 12 Class Pack” or “Summer Barton: 8 Class Pack”.

Step 6Schedule Barton Lab Sessions. schedule→

You may schedule as soon as your child has completed the assessment and you have met with Debi Cummings.

The Barton Lab is open from 2pm to 5:15pm Monday- Thursday and Sunday’s at 12pm to 4pm.

Frequently Asked Questionsquestion

What is the student to tutor ratio?

Our ratio for the Barton Lab is one-to-one tutoring. This allows each student to have an individualized lesson plan and the tutors undivided attention.

How many hours per week are required for my child?

Susan Barton has stated that in order for this program to truly be successful a student must dedicate two hours a week. The times and hours are up to you and your student. The more hours you can devote to tutoring, the faster the gap will close on your child’s weaknesses.

Do you need a formal diagnosis for tutoring?

No, but it is recommended. A diagnosis from a neuropsychologist, psychologist, and or clinical is a lifelong document. This will help you and your child know exactly what his or her strengths and weaknesses are and will ensure an individualized plan for accommodations.

What are our tutoring fees?

The cost of the evaluation is $250.00, and for a pack of 8 Barton Lab sessions is $390.00.

Approximately how long is this program?

The Susan Barton Reading and Spelling System is made up of 10 levels, each level has a variety of different lessons, some taking longer than others. Each student must begin at Level 1, regardless of age. It takes about 2 years to complete all 10 levels. Since every child learns at a different pace, some students may take longer than others to complete the full program.

About the Instructors

My name is Debi Cummings and I am the owner and operator of Tech2learn. I have a team of highly qualified college students and post grad students who run the Barton Lab. All of my Barton tutors are certified in the Barton System. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at 480-650-1519 or