Frequently Asked Questions


Is Tech2Learn a franchise?

No! Tech2Learn is a private company, with the sole purpose of helping children reach their Personal Best by combining the Best Learning Software with the Best Teaching Methodology!



Is Tech2Learn for students who are behind grade level, on track, or for those who want to advance?

Tech2Learn is for EVERY child! The software covers essential skills and provides continual assessment and advancement based on student responses. Students complete an auto-placement to determine starting point in the programs and then move through the content based on mastery and performance. How far and fast they advance is determined by the frequency of use and level of performance. Tech2Learn Coaches work the student to provide direct instruction, motivation and guidance.


What software does Tech2Learn use?

Tech2Learn uses only researched based software, aligned to Common Core Standards, with proven results that it leads to student mastery and greater success in the classroom. For the software program to meet our final seal of approval, it must have the right mix of instruction, motivation and FUN! Each child uses the software programs that meet his/her educational goals and learning style as outlined in the Individualized Learning Plan.


How do you determine a child’s Individualized Learning Plan.

The student takes a series of assessments to identify their current level of mastery in Common Core skills for Math and Reading. Then students take the auto-placement in the programs that meet their educational goals and learning styles.


How often should my child attend Sessions?

The recommended frequency for attending Tech2Learn sessions and use of software at home, will be outlined in your child’s Individualized Learning Plan and determined based on the results of the assessments and the goals of the student. For best results, most students attend a minimum of 2 sessions per week.


How does scheduling work?

Flexible online scheduling allows you choose the dates and times you attend. Space is limited and you must reserve your spot in advance by using the Tech2Learn Online Scheduler.

Summer Sessions are offered beginning on the hour every hour.


Can my child access any of the software from home?

Absolutely! In fact, your child will be encouraged to continue learning from home using the same programs they use at Tech2Learn. After your child attends 3 sessions at Tech2Learn, he will be given access to connect from home.


What is the Student-Coach Ratio?

At a Tech2Learn Summer Session, the student uses software programs AND receives one-to-one instruction as needed. Tech2Learn coaches are trained using proven methodology that ensures students learn both the HOW and the WHY!


How will I follow my child’s progress?

Parents can monitor their child’s progress by viewing online reports available within the software. Additional reports will be emailed as needed.


What is the cost?

Click here to see Spring Pricing.

Click here to see Summer Pricing.