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Program User Name Password Time Frequency Tech2Learn Home Progress Description
Core5 haleyh  tech2learn  30 mins 5 times/week icon_check icon_check Report will be posted to this page at beginning of each month: Common Core reading skills for phonological awareness, phonics, automaticity, spelling, fluency and comprehension.
 Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 7.53.57 PM Site ID: tech2learn
 tech2learn  40 mins 5 times/week icon_check icon_x From within program, click Progress.
Improves silent reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, reading rate, and stamina to make reading comfortable and productive.
Big Brainz Class:Fall 2014  Haley H 20 mins 4 times/week icon_check icon_check From within program, click the esc key on your keyboard, then click Progress.
Develops math fact fluency and automaticity.
VmathLive  haleyh@t2l  tech2learn 20 mins 4 times/week icon_check icon_check From within program click on My Progress. Students follow a structured learning path to work sequentially through the common core math topics.
Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.28.31 AMLink to SFX DB:https://play.dreambox.com/login/evtw/stfx  Classroom:Tech2Learn 3  20 mins 3 times/week icon_check icon_check From within program, click link in bottom right hand of screen to Set up parent access.  Builds conceptual understanding and fluency in foundational core math concepts.

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