At Tech2Learn, our goal is for every child to build individual competence and confidence in essential skills.  We combine individualized instruction with leading edge software to ensure that your child’s learning is personalized, self paced and just plain fun!

In the T2L Lab, students use software and receive guided instruction to reach mastery in common core standards for Math, Reading, Writing and Typing.

The Reading Lab , is for students who struggle with spelling, reading and writing and require one-to-one coaching. 

The HSPT Course is for 8th graders to prepare to take the Catholic High School Entrance Exam.


In order to create the most effective learning plan, we assess all new students. This allows us to properly select the programs that will be most effective for their education goals and learning styles.






Math Fact Fluency

No counting on fingers and toes!

Our goal is for EVERY Tech2Learn student to master their math facts! Struggling with instant recall of Math Facts is the main reason students struggle to learn new concepts. After an assessment, you will know exactly what facts your child knows and the ones they have yet to master. The average student typically takes 8 hours from start to finish and a Tech2Learn coach will provide support every step of the way!

Math Foundational Concepts


We empower students to master math content at their own pace in a challenging, motivating and fun online environment. The learning is structured so that students work sequentially through the lessons and gain competence and confidence along the way! Start with the Tech2learn assessment to  determine if a child requires a review of current grade level concepts or is ready to move ahead.

Math Word Problems

Think Mathematically

We teach your child to think Mathematically. There is more than one way to solve a problem and at Tech2Learn we use proven methodology to enable your child to apply the fundamentals to real life problems.

Early Reading & Spelling

I can REALLY read!

Students learn to read without guessing or memorizing sight words.  With the combination of guided instruction and phonic-based programs students unlock the sounds and rules of the English language.

Reading Fluency

Spark your child’s LOVE for Reading.

Reading fluency is the key to making reading enjoyable. At Tech2Learn, students master the ability to read aloud expressively and with understanding! Through the combination of guided instruction and proven programs that model expressive language, your students’ interests will be sparked through a positive reading experience.

Reading Comprehension

Change the WAY you read and increase your learning potential FOREVER!

With the combination of Tech2Learn coaches and a revolutionary reading program, your child can be reading at or above grade level by the end of the summer!

Reading Booster

Get an extra boost in Phonics and Spelling!

The Reading Booster is for the k-5th grade child who is reading far below grade level and/or shows a lack of phonemic awareness or difficulty in spelling. Learn More…


First Read, then Write. That’s a Win-Win!

At Tech2Learn we will help your child sharpen their writing and grammar skills as they learn to craft clear and precisely written paragraphs. In fact your child’s reading and writing will flourish as they link information from high interest reading passages with their own knowledge base. Reseach shows that students who are given an opportunity to share what they’ve learned through writing, learn to read with the purpose of gaining knowledge. That’s a win-win!


Learning to Type is more important now than ever!

Today, students learn how to think and write at the keyboard! At Tech2Learn, your child will learn all the keyboarding basics, proper hand positions, speed, and accuracy.

Summer Work Assigned By Your Child’s School

Check summer homework off your To-Do list!

Tech2Learn coaches will provide guided instruction to help you complete your school’s required summer assignments.
Bring your own IXL, Workbook, Packet or Book Report and together we will get it done!

High School Placement Test (HSPT)

Get a jump start preparing for the Catholic High School Entrance Exam

Students, entering 8th grade, will get a jump-start preparing for the Catholic High School Placement Test. Student will begin by taking a full-length high school placement test and a comprehensive skills inventory to determine learning gaps and readiness for test content. Learn more…

Working Memory Training

Working Memory Training Improves Attention

Working Memory Training is a solution for individuals who are held back by their working memory capacity. Working memory is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short time, focus on a task, and remember what to do next. By training your working memory, you will be better able to stay focused, ignore distractions, plan next steps, remember instructions, and start and finish tasks. Learn more…