Featuring Barton Reading & Spelling

The Reading Lab is for the K-8th grade child who is reading or comprehending below grade level and/or shows a lack of phonemic awareness or difficulty in spelling. For these students, we tutor using the Barton Reading and Spelling system to develop foundational reading skills in:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Systematic phonics
  • Spelling
  • Automaticity and Fluency
  • Listening and Reading Comprehension
  • High-Frequency Vocabulary

The student will work one-to-one with a certified Barton tutor. For more information about Barton Reading and Spelling, please visit their website: https://bartonreading.com/

How do I get started?

Students must complete an assessment to determine if the Barton Reading and Spelling system is the best tutoring approach for them. The cost is $200 and takes 2 hours.

Please schedule an Assessment to devise a Personalized Learning Plan for your child by filling out the form below.

Tech2Learn will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a date and time: