Tech 2 Learn has been a great way to add a whole lot of fun to summertime learning. Both of my kids jump for joy each and every time they get to go. They love the staff and the fun learning environment. It has been very exciting to watch them excel in their learning through the summer when it is so difficult to keep them interested. Plus, positive reinforcement has done wonders for their learning. I would highly recommend Tech 2 Learn to any parent who is looking for a way to round out their child’s educational experience. – parent


As parents, we were struggling on how to help our daughter be successful in school and Tech2Learn, through the individual attention and instruction, has not only taught our daughter many of the skills necessary to succeed, but has boosted our daughter’s confidence and desire to learn. Thank you to Debi Cummings and the awesome tutors for making learning enjoyable!  – parent


Tech2learn has built my confidence. Everyone is so nice to me too. -SFX student


I would like to recommend Debi Cummings with Tech2learn. Debi has worked with our child for 2 years. She assessed him and came up with a program to help him succeed. He has enjoyed getting his summer requirements done. As many of you know, it is sometimes difficult to get your child to do the requirements at home. Going to Tech2learn, he is excited and motivated to not only complete the task but has wanted to do more than the required amount of Dreambox. I highly recommend Tech2learn. -SFX parent


Tech To Learn has offered all three of our children a platform to focus on their individual academic needs at any point in time. Summers can be for enriching beyond their grade level or for catching up on school reading and math programs. -SFX parent


Our children have a place to focus on those individual goals and requirements and get one on one help when necessary. The evaluation and testing process offered has been remarkable at targeting their strengths and weaknesses. Debi Cummings cares deeply that all of her families and students get the extra help they might need on a timely basis. -SFX parent