headWorking memory is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short time, focus on a task, and remember what to do next. By training your working memory, you will be better able to stay focused, ignore distractions, plan next steps, remember instructions, and start and finish tasks.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a solution for individuals who are held back by their working memory capacity. Weak working memory is experienced as attention problems and causes poor academic and professional performance.

Cogmed is a rigorous program designed to improve working memory through intensive and systematic training. The Cogmed training method consists of 25 training sessions, each 30-45 minutes long. Each session consists of a selection of various tasks that target the different aspects of working memory. At Tech2Learn, the student does the training on the Cogmed Training Web, with a Cogmed Qualified Coach who provides structure, motivation and feedback on progress.

The standard program is five weeks long with five sessions every week. The schedule can be modified to some extent, to accommodate student’s summer vacations.

The complete program includes:

  • Initial Interview – A screening to determine if the student is a suitable user. The likelihood of him/her benefiting from the training is evaluated.
  • Assessment – Many students who struggle with working memory have a difficult time with memorizing math facts and reading comprehension. The student will take a benchmark assessment to determine their math fact fluency and comprehension level.
  • Training Sessions – Student must complete 25 sessions over a 5 to 7 week period. A session is one hour long. If a student finishes training in less than one hour, he/she will work in programs for fact fluency and reading comprehension.
  • Wrap-up session – After the training is completed, the Cogmed Coach summarizes the training together with the user and provides feedback data from rating scales and the Cogmed Training Web.
  • Six months follow-up interview – The Cogmed Coach documents training effects again, with more time elapsed and the effects fully emerged.


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