In order for play BigBrainz at home, you will need to download a plugin on your computer. This will place a direct link on your desktop. You must download the plugin on all computers from which you will play. BigBrainz will work on both a PC and Mac, but not on any tablet devices. 
Here are the download instructions for BigBrainz. 
  1. Go to and select Windows or Mac.
  2. After it downloads, click on the Timez Attack icon on your desktop
  3. For “Locate your school”, select the following choices:
Country: United States
State: Arizona
School District: Scottsdale Unified District
School: Tech 2 Learn
Password: tech2learn

If you run into any problems with the download, it is best to call the company directly, when you are in front of your computer. They can be reached at 1-877-356-7040. Tell them that you are a student at Tech2Learn. They are extremely helpful and will ensure to get you up and running! 🙂