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Assessment and Progress Report

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Spelling City is an web-based program that your child can use to access their Barton Spelling Lists and Learning Activities. The teacher can use this to grade your child in place of classroom assigned homework and weekly spelling tests. 

Spelling City


jacobb@t2l tech2learn

Reading Comprehension/

Classroom Reader Goal

Book Adventure provides an online library of quizzes for books. This will be useful in preparing for A/R quizzes at school. Contains a library of 8000 books.


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Audio Books: Check out from Public Library for free.

OverDrive app, provides access to thousands of free eBooks, audiobooks, and videos from your local library.

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Audio Books:  Purchase from Amazon

A pay for service app for ebooks, audio books and videos.

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Writing and Dictation 

Using Google Docs (or similar word processor app) on an iPad, press the microphone button on the lower left hand corner of the screen. When  sound waves appear on the screen, begin dictation. Select “Done” to finish.

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Math Fact Fluency

Provided by Tech2Learn and is used at child’s tutoring sessions.

An adaptive online program that adapts to your child’s needs and enables them to develop math fluency and automaticity.

Big Brainz Class:Reading Lab  Zack M

Common Core Math: Concepts & Computation

Provided by Tech2Learn and used at child’s tutoring sessions.

In VmathLive, students work sequentially through a series of modules that follow a structured learning path and represent a year’s worth of math instruction. Each module is composed of a series of activities, followed by a problem-solving activity and a module test.

VmathLive jacobb4@t2l  tech2learn

Fraction and Decimal: Concepts & Computation

Provided by Tech2Learn and used at child’s tutoring sessions.

Establishes a firm foundation in the areas of fraction and decimal quantity, equivalence, and addition and subtraction with uncommon denominators and regrouping.

Fraction Nation

Reading Comprehension, Efficiency, and Vocabulary

Reading Plus is provided by Tech2Learn and is used at tutoring sessions.

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