At Tech2Learn, our goal is for every child to build individual competence and confidence in essential skills. We combine individualized instruction with leading edge software to ensure that your child’s learning is personalized, self paced and just plain fun!


Summer Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 12pm-4pm

May 31, 2017 – August 4, 2017

Closed: July 3 – July 6


Sessions are 1 hour long.
Schedule up to 2 sessions per day.


Flexible Scheduling: Pick your courses and then schedule your sessions online on the days and times that work for you!




Purchase by May 12th and save 5%


Math Tune-Up

Grades 3-8

Students will begin with a review of current grade level concepts to ensure mastery and then move ahead to prepare for the next. All students will use Common Core aligned computer software in combination with individual instruction to master math content at their own pace in a challenging, motivating, and fun environment. Students will spend time at each session on math fact fluency.

10 sessions: $295

15 sessions: $395


Reading Tune-Up

Grades 3-8

With the combination of guided instruction and a revolutionary reading program, your child can be reading and comprehending at grade level and beyond by the end of the summer! Students will be evaluated at their first session to determine current oral and silent reading rate, comprehension and vocabulary level.

10 sessions: $295

15 sessions: $395


Math & Reading Combo

Grades 3-8

Students will work on Math and Reading at each session to ensure mastery of essential skills.

10 sessions: $295

15 sessions: $395


Summer Assignments

Grades 3-8

Get your summer reading and math assignments done at Tech2Learn under the guidance of a Tech2Learn Brain Coach.

If you are interested in this option, please email Debi ( with assignment details. 


HSPT Practice Test

Entering 8th

The purpose of this class is to get a snapshot of your child’s readiness for Tech2Learn’s HSPT Prep course in the Fall. Over the course of two sessions, eighth graders will take a full length practice HSPT, including an essay, and diagnostic reading and math tests to determine learning gaps. For more information see our HSPT page.

2 Testing Sessions and Parent Meeting: $175

Barton Reading Lab

For more information see The Reading Lab page.