Strategies for students who struggle with Math

The Math Lab is for the 1st-8th grade child who lacks the ability, confidence, and strategies to understand and work with numbers and has difficulty in the basics of mathematical thinking.

The Math Lab works with children who have:

  • An inability to subitize, estimate or count backwards
  • A dependency on counting by ones or using fingers
  • An inability to estimate whether a numerical answer is reasonable.
  • A Weakness in short-term and long-term memory and slow processing speeds when engaging in math activities
  • A weakness in visual and spatial orientation
  • Directional (left/right) confusion
  • Trouble with sequencing, patterns, money and telling time
  • Inability to manage time in their daily lives

For these students, we offering private coaching using research-based strategies to teach techniques for

  • adding and subtracting whole numbers with components rather than in ones
  • deriving multiplication and division facts from known key facts
  • understanding place value
  • developing fraction sense
  • solving algebraic equations

How do I get started?

Students must complete an assessment to determine if the Math Lab system is the best tutoring approach for them. The cost is $200 and takes 2 hours.

Please schedule an Assessment to devise a Personalized Learning Plan for your child by filling out the form below.

Tech2Learn will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a date and time: